Your efficient support ticket system

Easy documentation of customer contacts in the service center.

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vallegro® ticket

As individual and different as the requirements for a service center are, the comprehensible documentation of customer contacts is always an important prerequisite for competent customer management.

vallegro® ticket supports information processes and optimizes your share of executions and redirects – this is how your efficient support ticket system works!

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Complex user and rights management

In order to be able to correctly represent different responsibilities in your company, vallegro® ticket offers individually adaptable roles – so every employee sees only what they need to see and can use all the functions required for their tasks.

Illustration of multiple avatars that are linked together.
Overview of the layout for the service center

Clear service center layout

CLI-based search allows you to automatically select customers when calling the service center. Change customer data, create tickets, or call up optional applications (such as vandante® knowledge). Save standardized call results or connect the call via the built-in directory.

vallegro booking with configuration options

Integrated ticket tool

Assign tickets to predefined user groups and edit them directly in vallegro® ticket. The ticket statistics of the support ticket system and the individual special calls give you an accurate overview of your customer communication.

vallegro booking with configuration options

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