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Your innovative provider of automated business communication

besharp is an innovative manufacturer of technologies for the automation of customer and service communication for almost all customer service channels in telephony, e-mail, chat and web.

With besharp products, you can significantly improve your contact center-based customer communication. Our reliable software & services allow you to orchestrate and automate communication processes. This will lay the foundation for customer enthusiasm while at the same time providing efficiency.

We accompany you, starting with the analysis, through the implementation of the software solutions, up to comprehensive support and fine-tuning in operation.

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A portrait photo of Guntram Rainer
A portrait photo of Stephan Herzog

Guntram Rainer

Guntram Rainer has been chief executive of besharp since March 2018. In this position, he is responsible for the commercial success of the company and brings in his expertise in the areas of sales and marketing. Guntram Rainer joined besharp in 2014 and previously worked at companies such as Automic, Microsoft, Oracle, as well as a freelance consultant for customer and service communications and business development.

A portrait photo of Stephan Herzog

Stephan Herzog

Stephan Herzog has been besharp’s chief technical officer (CTO) since 2015. In this position, he is responsible for the technical success of the company and brings his extensive technical expertise to product development, professional services and support. Stephan Herzog completed his studies in “Computer Engineering” at the Vienna University of Technology and joined besharp in 2010. He has developed a deep knowledge of software for the Automation of Customer- and Service-Communication.


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